Dancing With the Indians by Angela Shelf Medearis

dancing-with-indiansThe story is historical fiction told in rhyme and based on the real life story of the author’s great-grandfather who was a slave.  He ran away and was accepted by a tribe of Seminole Indians.  The story tells about how the family would go to a reunion each year to visit the Indians.  This is an interesting book and a good one to read to young children for African American history month because the author is African American.

Text-to-text connections: Have you ever traveled to visit relatives or friends?

Have you ever seen a “stomp” dance?

Cause and effect: Because the Seminole’s adopted the great-grandfather, the effect is that they  visit them each year for a pow-wow stomp dance.


One thought on “Dancing With the Indians by Angela Shelf Medearis

  1. Gal

    Amazing this was recommended for AA month, but not NA month. WOW!
    First Americans history was also left out and altered. We need TRUE historical accuracy for ALL the many races and nationalities. Please remember First Americans were also the First Slaves.

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