Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa: Horse in the House by Erica Silverman

Cowgirl Kate and cocoa horse in the houseSchema: cover image of the horse eating from a fruit bowl should connect students’ schema to horses, fruit, whether they like fruit, have any animals ever come in their house that should not be in the house?

Text-to-self connections: trying to stop an animal from doing something it is not supposed to do or get things it is not supposed to get

Compare and contrast: the house with the barn

Cause and effect: Because Cocoa flicks his tail, the effect is magazines fly off the table.

Because Cocoa swings his head, the effect is that he knocks over a lamp.

Because he breaks the lamp, the effect is that Cowgirl Kate says he must go to the barn right then.

Five senses: taste: the wax apple, real apple, carrots

sight: the sunlight through the boards in the barn

smell: of leather and hay

sound: of horses snorting and stomping

touch:  Cowgirl Kate petting Cocoa

Drawing Conclusions: Cocoa draws the conclusion that the barn is the best place for him to live.


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