Carmine: a Little More Red by Melissa Sweet

carmineSchema: Little Red Riding

Synonyms: Each page has a focus word printed large at the top of each page, and the word is used in context.  Ask students to give you a synonym for some of the words as you read.

Carmine writes a haiku about her grandmother.  Students may connect with writing their own haiku.

Inferences: the illustrations provide inferences to the Three Blind Mice and the Little Boy Blue nursery rhymes.

Map skills: A map from Carmine’s house to her Granny’s is provided.  Students could measure and set up a key to determine the distance from one to the other.

Compare and Contrast: How is this story similar and different from the original Little Red Riding Hood?

Cause and Effect: Because Carmine dilly-dallied, the effect is that the wolf got there before she did and stole the bones.

Sequencing: How did the events in the story occur?

Synthesis: I am synthesizing that the wolf never intended to eat Granny; he just wanted the soup bones for his pups.

Text-to-Text Connection: Martha Speaks by Susan Meddaugh; Tortuga in Trouble by Ann Whitford Paul


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