Can’t Catch Me by John Hassett

can't catch meSchema: ice from the fridge, icebergs

Text-to-text Connections: Gingerbread Man stories, stories where characters are being chased

Compare and Contrast: the animals that want to eat or cool off with the ice cube to characters in other versions of the Gingerbread Man.  Compare the whale with the fox in the original story.

Sequencing: Sequence from the last animal to interact with the ice cube to the first.

Drawing Conclusions: What conclusions can you draw based on the last page of of the story with the freezer door open, water on the floor, and the legs of the boy and his mother?

Cause and Effect: Because the freezer door was left open, the effect is that the ice has melted

Predicting: Predict what the ice cube man will say when one of the characters wants to use him in some way.

Felt board story: I found some clip art to represent the characters in the story, laminated them, stuck some Velcro on the back, and made a quick felt board story to go with this book.


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