Buffalo Music by Tracey E. Fern

buffaloSchema: What do you know about buffalo? bison, mammal, used for food, hooves used for tools long ago

Historical fiction: The fictional story is based on the true life story of Mary Ann Goodnight who lived in the Palo Duro Canyon in 1876.  Readers see what it is like to live in a dugout and take care of animals.

Characterization: List everything about Molly; the author has her describe herself physically as well as share her traits such as her stubborn streak.  For internal consistency discuss things that Molly would or would not do that would go with what we know of her.

Setting: Palo Duro Canyon in the panhandle of Texas

Six Traits of Writing: great selection for voice; told from the POV of a woman who worked around her house surrounded by wild buffalo; “fixin’ to turn a profit” p. 7 and many other Texas ways of speaking create the voice of the main character.

Metaphors: the sounds the buffalo make are compared to the sounds of music; “reveille of roosters, choir of crows, chorus of coyotes, music of the buffalo” p. 1

Simile: There are many examples similes such as “heat fell as heavy as an angry fist, grass cracked like glass” p. 8

Compare and Contrast: Use the many similes to compare and contrast how the 2 things in the similes are alike in only one way.

Cause and Effect: Because the hunters want to “turn a profit on hides and hooves” they nearly wipe out the buffalo.

Because Molly loves the buffalo, she nurtures the orphans until she has a herd.


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