Bluebird by Bob Staake

In this wordless picture book, a bluebird befriends a boy who is walking to school, walking home from school, stopping for a cookie, buying a toy boat, and ultimately is attacked by a gang of boys who want his boat.

At first the boy does not realize that the bird is following him, but he finally notices and makes the connection.

The bullies throw a stick at the boy, but the bluebird flies in front of the stick to protect the boy and is possibly killed. The bullies run away.

Several birds fly down to pick up the boy who is holding the bird. They lift the boy and bird up to the sky, and the bird flies up to the heavens. The boy waves good-bye to him. It is up to the reader to decide if they bird was killed or if it was revived by the love of his friends.

Students could write a narrative from their perspective based on the frames of illustrations in the story.


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