Armadilly Chili by Helen Ketteman

armadillySchema: chili

Text-to-Text Connection: Little Red Hen

Cause and Effect: Because the animals did not want to help Miss Billie, the effect is that she is not going to allow them to eat the chili.

Because the other animals felt bad, the effect is that they made some dishes to take to Miss Billie’s to contribute to the meal.

Text to Text Connections: The Little Red Hen; Gator Gumbo by Candace Fleming

Compare and Contrast this story with The Little Red Hen or Gator Gumbo.

Predicting:  What do you predict that the next animal will say when Miss Billie asks them if they want to help her?

Synthesis: What do you synthesize the main idea is with both of these stories?  I am synthesizing that people should cooperate and help each other.

Reader’s Theater: Write the parts for a reader’s theater telling of the story.


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