Are You Ready to Play Outside? by Mo Willems

Schema: playing outside, rain

Text-to-self connections: What do you like to do outside?

Compare and Contrast: Things to do when it is raining with things to do when it is sunny outside

Point of View: Seeing a problem from someone else’s point of view helped Piggie.  He is upset that it is raining, but when he sees how much fun the worms are having, it makes him see rain in a new way.

Synthesis: Can you think of ways you have had fun on a rainy day?

Can you think of ways you can help a friend not to be unhappy the way Gerald, the elephant, helps Piggy with using his ear for an umbrella?

Inference: What clues from the illustrations infer that Gerald wants to help Piggie?

Text-to-text connections: Other Elephant & Piggie books

Mental images: Make a mental image of yourself running, jumping, and skipping.


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