Angelina Ballerina by Katharine Holabird

Schema: dancing, stories about mice

Text-to-Self connections: More than anything else…what do you love?

Inference: What do you infer that Angelina’s parents are thinking as she is dancing down the stairs?

What do we infer is the reason that Angelina is making sad and funny faces in the mirror?

Verbs: Angelina skipped and practiced, and twirled and spun and each is shown with an illustration of the action.

Cause and Effect: Because Angelina is dancing in the kitchen, the effect is that she knocks over the milk and cheddar-cheese pies.

Because Angelina is so happy about taking dance lessons every day, the effect is that she listens to her parents and helps them more at home.

Because Angelina worked hard in her dance classes for many years, the effect is that she became a successful ballerina.

Predicting: What do you predict that Mr. Mouseling is going to do to solve the problem of Angelina dancing all the time.  Check out the illustrations of where Mr. and Mrs. Mouseling go that afternoon.  Or, predict what is in the pink box.


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