A Puppy for Annie by Kim Lewis

A Puppy for Annie by Kim Lewis

Schema: getting a new pet

Text-to-Text Connections: starting kindergarten, going to school, leaving a pet at home, and also learning new things like the puppy

Students connect to following their teacher, listening to their teacher, and learning new things like the puppy. Students will also connect with wondering what their parents are doing while they are at school.

This is a great book to emphasize that at the end of the day they will see their pets, parents, home, and all that they miss during the school day.

Point of View: Annie has to keep trying to see the world from Bess’s POV to know what she wants

Inference: Annie infers that Bess wants to eat or go outside by Bess’s actions

Hands on activity: Pass out a small stuffed dog to each child and have them pet and scratch their puppy behind its ears when Annie pets and scratches Bess.


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