Jangles: a BIG fish story by David Shannon

Schema: fishing

Author’s Perspective: The story is an excellent example of a first person narrative story.

Personification: the fish takes on human qualities of reasoning with the boy in this tall tale.

Mental Images: The author’s use of descriptive words helps the reader to make mental images.

Hyperbole: Write five events from the story that could never happen in real life.  Tall Tales use exaggeration or hyperbole to create a character that is similar to what a superhero could do.  Can you think of a tall tale that uses exaggeration or hyperbole to make the character seem like a superhero?

Inferences:  Reread the part about the man being thrown out of the water.  Do you agree that the dynamite caused him to fly out? What other inference can you make about how he was pushed up and out of the water? Write a story about what the man would tell his friends when he got back to shore.

Drawing Conclusions: What text evidence from the story led to the boy’s conclusion to let Jangles go?

Synthesis: What would change about the town and the fishing outings if he caught and kept Jangles?



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