Yum! mmmm! que rico! : Americas’ sproutings by Pat Mora


Schema: favorite foods

Poetry and Figurative language:  Haiku: created by the Japanese as a form of poetry: The most common form for Haiku is three short lines:  The first line usually contains five (5) syllables.  The second line seven (7) syllables.  The third line contains five (5) syllables.  Haiku doesn’t rhyme. Figurative language creates a mental image in the reader’s mind.

Read in November and write haiku’s about your favorite holiday foods.

Mental images: make mental images of the foods described in the poems.

Text-to-self connection: One of my favorite holiday foods is Chocolate Pie.  I wrote a  haiku about pie:

Chocolate Pie
Filled with sweet pudding
Meringue floating on dark sea
Crisp crust salty sweet

Ask students to write haiku’s about their favorite holiday foods.  Ask teachers to write haikus about their favorite foods and have the kids guess who wrote which one.


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