Kindergarten Lesson Plans

Book Title Suggestions by Months of the School Year

Month Title
Sep Green by Laura Vaccaro Seeger (adjectives)
Sep Little Mouse Gets Ready by Jeff Smith
Sep Smash! Crash! by Jon Scieszka
Sep It's Your First Day of School, Annie Claire by Nancy White Carlstrom
Sep Wiggling Pockets Los bolsillos saltarines by Pat Mora
Sep Lunch by Denise Fleming
Sep Yikes!!! by Robert Florczak
Sep Fall by Ron Hirschi
Sep Rhyming Dust bunnies by Jan Thomas
Sep Llama Llama Misses Mama by Anna Dewdney
Sep The Littlest Llama by Jane Buxton
Sep No Babysitters Allowed by Amber Stewart
Sep Max & Ruby's Bedtime Book by Rosemary Wells
Sep The Loud Book! by Deborah Underwood
Sep The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood
Sep A Splendid Friend, Indeed by Suzanne Bloom
Sep Annabel by Janice Boland; good to be yourself
Sep Three Horrid Little Pigs by Liz Pichon
Sep Be Brown! by Barbara Bottner
Sep A B C Pop! by Rachel Isadora
Sep Get Up and Go! by Nancy Carlson
Sep Henry's Show and Tell by Nancy Carlson
Sep Read and Rise E Pinkney
Sep Corduroy Goes to the Library by Freeman
Sep Baby Bear's Books by Jane Yolen
Sep Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa: Horse in the House by Erica Silverman
Sep Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? by Martin
Sep Goldie and the Three Bears E Stanley
Sep The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig by Trivizas
Sep Bark, George by Feiffer
Sep Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa: Horse in the House By Erica Silverman
Sep Talk to me about the alphabet by Raschka
Sep Hooway for Wodney Wat by Lester
Sep Alphabet adventures by Wood
Sep The New Bear at School by Weston, bully rats, new friends, fitting in
Sep What do you do with a tail like this? by Jenkins
Sep Where's My tail? E Schafer
Sep Actual Size by Jenkins
Sep Mama always comes home by Wilson
Sep School by Emily Arnold McCully
Sep Ode to Humpty Dumpty by Ziefert
Sep If the Shoe Fits by Jackson
Sep Eeney, Meeney, Miney, Mo by Hennessy
Sep When Sophie gets angry really really angry by Bang
Sep Don't Be Silly, Mrs. Millie! by Cox
Sep The Wheels on the school bus by Moore
Sep Rufus and Friends Rhyme Time by Trapani
Sep The Woods by Paul Hoppe
Sep Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems (toy is lost)
Sep Red Ted by Michael Rosen (toy is lost)
Sep Barnyard Song by Rhonda Gowler Greene
Sep Should I Share My Ice Cream? by Mo Willems
Oct Roar! by Tammi Sauer
Oct The Croaky Pokey! by Ethan Long
Oct Cat Secrets by Jef Czekaj
Oct What Are You Doing? by Elisa Amado
Oct Eddie Gets Ready for School by David Milgrim
Oct Mouse's First Fall by Lauren Thompson
Oct Little Lost Cowboy by Simon Puttock
Oct Llama Llama Home with Mama by Anna Dewdney
Oct Job Site by Nathan Clement
Oct Thumb Love by Elise Primavera
Oct I Didn't Do It by Patricia MacLachlan: all about me model
Oct On the Farm by David Elliott: rhyming text about animals
Oct Pick A Pumpkin, Mrs. Millie! by Judy Cox
Oct A Ball For Daisy by Chris Raschka
Oct If You're a Monster and You Know it by Rebecca Emberley
Oct Trucks Trucks Trucks by Peter Sis
Oct The Great Big Fire Engine Book illustrated by Tibor Gergely (Golden Book)
Oct Potato Joe by Keith Baker
Oct Duck Tents by Lynne Berry
Oct Pumpkin Eye by Fleming
Oct Chewey Louie by Schnieder
Oct Book! Book! Book! by Deborah Bruss
Oct Tiny on the Farm by Meister
Oct Bertie Was a Watchdog by Rick Walton
Oct The Great Gracie Chase Stop that dog! by Rylant dog runs away
Oct Stanley's Wild Ride by Bailey dog runs away
Oct Morning, Noon, and Night by Jean Craighead George (nocturnal animals)
Oct Stellaluna by Cannon (nocturnal animals)
Oct When an Elephant comes to school by Ormerod
Oct We Are Best Friends by Aliki; making new friends, say good-bye to old friends
Oct Plaidypus lost by Stevens
Oct Miss Bindergarten has a wild day in kindergarten by Slate
Oct Moonlight the Halloween Cat by Rylant
Oct The Cat and the Dog by Dahan
Oct Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Martin
Oct Muncha Muncha by Fleming
Oct Owen by Henkes
Oct Yoko by Wells
Oct Yoko's world of kindness by Wells
Oct The Day the Babies Crawled Away by Rathmann--at a Fair
Oct Scarecrow by Rylant
Oct Max's ABC by Rosemary Wells; focus on ants
Oct. Mouse Mess by Linnea Riley E LIN
Oct Mouse Went out to Get a Snack by McFarland- counting book: math topic
Oct One Pup's Up by Marsha Wilson Chall
Oct No Sleep for the Sheep! by Karen Beaumont
Oct Sleepy, Oh So Sleepy by Denise Fleming
Nov Buddy and the Bunnies in Don't Play with Your Food by Bob Shea
Nov Gobble Gobble Crash! A Barnyard Counting Bash by Julie Stiegemeyer
Nov Under Ground by Denise Fleming
Nov The Bear Went Over the Mountain by Iza Trapani
Nov Rah, Rah, Radishes! A Vegetable Chant by April Pulley Sayre
Nov Jack Wants A Snack by Pat Schories
Nov Lucy Goose Goes to Texas by Holly Bea
Nov No More, Por Favor by Susan Middleton Elya
Nov Big Brown Bear's Up and Down Day by David McPhail
Nov Hibernation Station by Michelle Meadows
Nov Bebe Goes Shopping by Elya
Nov Barnyard Song by Rhonda Gowler Greene
Nov My Favorite Bear by Andrea Gabriel
Nov And the dish ran away with the spoon by Stevens
Nov Everyone Can learn to ride a bicycle by Chris Raschka
Nov Mother Goose by Yaccarino
Nov Mother Goose Manners by Harriet Ziefert
Nov Bear wants more by Karma Wilson
Nov Bear Says Thanks by Karma Wilson
Nov Bear Snores on by Karma Wilson
Nov The Looking Book by Hoban
Nov Gobble Quack Moon by Gollub
Nov A was once an apple pie E MacDonald
Nov Carl's Nose by Schmidt-dog that smells weather: senses
Nov Over the river a turkey's tale by Derek Anderson
Nov See what I see (order) by Duvoisin
Nov Sheila Rae, the brave by Henkes
Nov What's Going on in there? by Grahn
Nov Nuts to you! by Lois Ehlert
Nov Hello, Squirrels! Scampering through the seasons by Glaser
Nov Baby Ground Squirrel by Lang
Nov Move Over, Rover! by Beaumont
Nov Fast Food by Freymann
Nov Who Said Coo? by Deborah Ruddell
Nov Dinner time by Pienkowski popup book food chain
Dec Ernest, the Moose Who Doesn't Fit by Catherine Rayner
Dec Night Tree by Eve Bunting
Dec A Grand Old Tree by Mary Newell DePalma
Dec Grumpy Cat by Britta Teckentrup
Dec Bear stays up for Christmas by Wilson
Dec Santa's book of names by McPhail
Dec Week that Rudolph comes on TV read Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer felt board and make red circles to tape on noses
Dec The Gingerbread Cowboy by Janet Squires and The Jalapeno Man by Debbie Leland
Dec Gingerbread Mouse by Bratun
Dec The Three Bears' Christmas by Duval
Dec Lyle At Christmas by Waber
Dec Froggy's Best Christmas by London
Dec Twenty-siz princesses by Horowitz alphabet book
Dec Merry Christmas, Ollie! by Olivier Dunrea
Dec Mail Harry to the Moon! by Harris; sibling rivalry, new baby
Jan Slop Goes the Soup: A Noisy Warthog Word Book by Pamela D. Edwards
Jan If It's Snowy and You Know It, Clap Your Paws! by Kim Norman
Jan Press Here by Henre' Tullet
Jan No two alike by Keith Baker
Jan Red Sled by Lita Judge
Jan Hugless Dougless by David Melling; bears hibernating
Jan Star of the week by Saltzberg
Jan Turtle's Penguin Day by Gorbachev pretending with true penguin facts
Jan Snowballs by Lois Ehlert
Jan Zoopa: An animal alphabeb y by Gianna Marino Text to text connection with Chicken soup with rice
Jan Animals in Winter by Bancroft
Jan Henry's 100 Days of Kindergarten by Carlson
Jan The Mitten by Brett felt mitten and characters
Jan Can't Catch Me by John Hassett
Jan A Penguin Story by Antoinette Portis
Jan Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild About Polar Life by Ross; for kinder teacher
Jan Snow Family by Kirk
Jan Polar Bear Polar Bear what do you hear? by Martin
Jan This is the Baby by Fleming dressing for winter and not liking it
Jan This is the House that Jack Built by Taback
Jan The House in the Night by Swanson; connects with Jack Built and Goodnight moon
Jan Jack's House by Karen Beil, connects with This is the house that Jack built stories
Jan Ivan the Terrier by Peter Catalanotto
Jan A Isn't for Fox: An Isn't Alphabet by Wendy Ulmer
Feb We Love Our School by Judy Sierra
Feb This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen
Feb I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen
Feb Three Little Kittens by Jerry Pinkney
Feb The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney
Feb Ribbit Rabbit by Mike Lowery
Feb How About a Kiss for Me by Todd Tarpley
Feb Mrs. Millie Goes To Philly by Judy Cox
Feb Great Groundhogs! by Karen Gray Ruelle
Feb Chicka Chicka 123 by Bill Martin
Feb Pinkalicious by Kann; vegetables vs. cupcakes; first sentence connects with The Cat in the Hat
Feb She'll be comin' round the mountain by Sturges
Feb Hello Snow! by Vestergaard
Feb 100 school days by Rocwell
Feb Kindergarten Kids by Stephanie Calmenson
Feb Yummy Eight Favorite Fairy Tales by Lucy Cousins
Feb Dog Loves Books by Louise Yates: sharing books and making text to self connections
Feb 19 girls and me by Darcy Pattison
Feb Buckamoo Girls by Ellen Kelley
Feb Mr. George Baker by Amy Hest
Feb Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star by Jerry Pinkney
Feb Stars by Mary Lyn Ray and Marla Frazee
Feb Blackout by John Rocco
Mar Hoot Owl Master of Disguise by Sean Taylor
Mar A Tree is Nice by Janice May Udry
Mar What Are You Doing? by Elisa Amado and Manuel Monroy: about how a kindergartener sees the value of reading with cause and effect
Mar Move! by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page
Mar Is Everyone Ready For Fun by Jan Thomas; verbs
Mar I’m A Pig by Sarah Weeks
Mar Timothy and the Strong Pajamas by Viviane Schwarz
Mar I Wish I Were a Butterfly by James Howe
Mar Butterfly Butterfly by Petr Horacek
Mar The Story goes on by Aileen Fisher
Mar Beetle Bop by Denise Fleming insects
Mar Henry's show and tell by Carlson
Mar The Poodle who barked at the wind by Charlotte Zolotow
Mar Goldie and the Three Bears by Stanley
Mar Moo Who by Palatini
Mar Boing by Nick Bruel
Mar Not Afraid of Dogs by Pitzer
Mar Make way for ducklings McCloskey: teach finger rhyme
Mar Ruby in her own time E EMMett
Mar Three Pebbles and a Song by Eileen Spinelli: story that ends with Spring arriving
Mar Big Chickens Fly the Coop by Helakoski farm life
Mar The Princess and the Pea by James Stevenson
Apr Everything I need to Know Before I'm Five by Valorie Fisher
Apr Vegetable Garden by Douglas Florian
Apr The Baby Bee Bee Bird by Massey felt board: cooperation
Apr Good-Night, Owl! Pat Hutchins: cooperation & connects with Baby Bee Bee Bird
Apr First the Egg by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
Apr The Best Story by Eileen Spinelli
Apr The Jellybeans and the Big Dance by Laura Numeroff and Nate Evans
Apr Move Over, Rover! by Karen Beaumont
Apr Barnyard Banter by Fleming
Apr Sunflower by Miela Ford
Apr The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
Apr Trouble on the T Ball Team by Eve Bunting
Apr The Alphabet Mystery by Wood
Apr Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert
Apr Grandma Lena's big ol' turnip by Hester
Apr Twas the Day Before Zoo Day by Ipcizade; zoo, rhyme, worksheets at end
Apr This Way Ruby by Jonathan Emmett
Apr Click, Clack, Quackity-Quack by Doreen Cronin
Apr I"m Dirty and I"m Mighty by McMullan
Apr My Friend Rabbit by Roh
Apr Little Pink Pig by Hutchins
Apr Click, Clack, Quackity-Quack by Doreen Cronin
Apr Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown
Apr A Particular Cow by FOX
Apr Know What I Saw? by Aileen Fisher
May Splish, Splash, Splat! by Rob Scotton
May In Front of My House by Marianne Dubuc: circle story
May Two of everything by Hong
May It looked like spilt milk felt board by Shaw
May Yoko Writes Her Name by Rosemary Wells Yoko writes her name in time to graduate from kindergarten. Connects with My Name is Yoon by Helen Recorvits
May Bats at the Beach by Lies
May Nora's Room by Harper
May Wait till the moon is full by Brown
May Diary of a Baby Wombat by Jackie French