The Ghost’s Grave by Peg Kehret

ghostsgraveSchema: visiting relatives, being taken care of while parents are away

Book Talk: The book is set in Carbon City, near Seattle, Washington.

Characters: Aunt Ethel: 83 years old

Josh: 12 1/2 years old

Josh is sent to his step-father’s Great Aunt Ethel’s for the summer, and he is very upset about missing summer baseball at home.

Aunt Ethel shoots a bat in her kitchen, splattering blood on the wall and on the cake she had made for Josh.

Josh meets a ghost, Willie, while playing in the woods.  Willie was killed in a mine, and when he was buried, they didn’t put his leg bones with the rest of  his body.  Willie convinces Josh to put him all in one grave.

Aunt Ethel and the town are all upset because the bank was robbed of the money they had been saving to build an animal shelter.

While digging up his bones, Josh finds a box of money.

The thief figures out that the box of money that he had stolen was found by Josh.

Josh ends up being trapped in the house by the robber all alone because his aunt is being cared for because she had fallen and hurt herself.

The ending is very suspenseful.


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