Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen

Lawn BoyThe story is told from the point of view of the 12 year old main character.  His grandmother gives him a riding lawn mower for his birthday.

All of his friends are out of town for the summer so he decides to start a lawn mowing business that gets way out of control very quickly.

I like the chapter titles.  They are named with adult types of words about money and investing, but the ideas are explained on a kid’s level with what happens in each chapter.

I don’t think much of what happens in this book could happen in real life, but the book made me laugh a lot.  The book is only 88 pages, and it is a fast read. This is a good read aloud for fifth grade.

There are a couple examples of figurative language that can be pointed out in this work.  On p. 31, “the work will fly away” and p. 36, “The rain hammered down,” are good examples you can point out to students.

Also words with multiple meanings can be pointed out such as “nap” in reference to the grass and the word “rich” in reference to wealth, a person’s name, rich soil, and rich food.


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