Halibut Jackson by David Lucas

halibut1Schema: shy, quiet, embarrassed, don’t like to raise your hand

Characterization of Halibut: wants to blend in, shy, creative, talented in sewing

Summarizing or paraphrasing: First three sentences of the book all say the same thing in three different ways.

Ask students to put their thumb up when they see Halibut Jackson on each page, and hold the book out and move it around for everyone to get a good look before you read each page.

Inference: Notice on the page where Halibut Jackson is indoors and sitting in the chair, there is a photo in a frame of a person with their hands over their face.  We could infer that this is a relative that was also shy or maybe just one of himself being shy.

What do you infer Halibut would have done if the king and queen had not liked his outfit?

Cause and Effect: Because the king and queen liked his outfit, Halibut opened a shop and became less shy.

Compare and Contrast:  How did Halibut Jackson change?  See the illustration on the title page and then at the end of the book where he is in front of his door.


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