Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

Book talk gold!  The obvious reading strategy used is point of view as each chapter flips from Bryce’s to Julie’s POV.

The plot follows two kids who live across the street from each other  from second grade through eighth.  Up until the eighth, Julie adores Bryce.  Bryce can’t stand her or any other girl.  There’s a lot of family talk that shows readers that Bryce’s dad is a jerk, and Julie’s dad and grandfather are very loving.

Julie has an uncle in a group home because he is mentally delayed.  The cost has kept Julie’s family from being able to buy their house, and it’s a little run down as far as the yard goes.

Julie conducts a science project of  hatching some baby chicks which becomes a money maker for her from selling the eggs.  Julie is pure love and sunshine, and when she’s finally had enough of Bryce and decides to forget him, he sees her for what she really is and wants to do whatever it takes to win back her respect.  This is a timeless story that fifth graders, boys and girls both will love.


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