Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis

To book talk this one, start reading it aloud, then go to the summary.  Bud has so many funny comments throughout the story that it’s really hard not to read on and finish it.

Bud says that age six is the year that bad things happen to you.  Bud was six when his mama died.  He gets sent to a home where other kids are mean to him.  He sets out on his own to find his father.

His mother led him to believe that he might have been in a jazz band.  His mother had some flyers with the name of a band.

Bud has rules and he explains them as he tells his story.    His rules are based on his experiences in life.  Chapter 3 is a good one to read part of about  being locked in a shed with bugs.  Bud is a fighter who refuses to give up.

Set during the 1930’s, the readers see people in food lines and get a feeling of what the times were like then.

Readers can follow Bud’s thinking as he draws conclusions about people he meets, and about who he thinks his father is.


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