Andy Shane and the Pumpkin Trick by Jennifer Jacobson

andyshaneSchema: visiting pumpkin farms, tricking someone

Text-to-self connections: choosing a pumpkin, playing dunking for apples, biting a donut on a string, not wanting to play with a girl if you are a boy

Predicting: Why to you predict Andy is hiding from Delores in the pumpkin patch?

Maybe he is afraid of her, maybe he wants to jump up and scare her?

What do you predict Andy’s great idea to catch the pumpkin smashers is going to be?

Use a Bubble Map graphic organizer to compare and contrast the ways to try to catch the tricksters when Andy and Delores are brainstorming.

Cause and Effect: Because Andy and Delores tripped up and got tangled with the sheets, the effect is that the tricksters laughed at them and ran away.

Personification: The pumpkins take on human traits when they seem to say, “pick me!”


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